The First Wooden Floors with Negative Ions in Indonesia

PROPERTY INSIDE – Technology continues to evolve and provide many benefits to humans. In many fields, technology has developed rapidly, including in the building materials industry. Although many tech-building materials are eco friendly, but not many technologies in this industry are directly related to the needs of human health.

We know that woodis a favorite choice as a materials for flooring. Ionwood is the first wooden floors product in Indonesia that emitting negative ions. Negative ions have many benefits for our health, including, lowering alkaline levels in the blood, normalize blood pressure, improve blood circulation, strengthen our bones, and so on.

PT Sugawa Indonesia, led by Mr. Gavin Teh, sees Indonesia people need high quality building materials products that are not only eco riendly, but also health-friendly. As the sole distributor, this company wanted to share a role in educating Indonesia’s consumers in the use of this new technology building materials.

Maybe it still feels strange to our ears about the wooden floors that can emit negative ions. It may be that we are not going to believe it if we don’t see directly how the product is able to suppress the positive ions are scattered around us. The fact is positive ions – mostly produced by electronic devices, are bad for human health. Property Inside had the opportunity to see how Ionwood’s standard and quality from the experiments performed directly by Mr. Gavin Teh.

“I think the Indonesian market is very potential one. This is because Indonesian public’s awareness of health is increasing. Quality of life increases. So this is an opportunity for us. In the eight months of Ionwood product coming into Indonesia has very good market response. We believe this will become a new trend in Indonesia,” said Gavin.

So far, wood flooring products that emit negative ions only produced by Ionwood. Trademark of this Malaysian company is the only one wood flooring product in the world emit negative ions. Here are the excerpts of our interview with the Director of Sugawa Indonesia, Mr. Gavin Teh;

What is the reason for your company to market Ionwood products in Indonesia?

We see Indonesia is a huge and potential market. If during this time, a lot of people focus on the smart home, but not many who think about healthy home. We want to educate Indonesian people about healthy home by introducing this product. The healthy home definition is not because of the quality of the wood but our wood product is the only one that emits negative ions. Of course we already know about negative ions, such as air conditioner. Negative ions are very good, because they are vitamins for air. Negative ions exist naturally in the air. Unfortunately, modern life in the city today, many products we use are emitting positive ions. Plastics, paints, acrylics and electronic equipments release positive ions into air that make our lives levels down.

In addition to emitting negative ions which are good for our health, what are other benefits from this product?

All the wood product’s problems and weakness resolved by Ionwood. Our product is the most scratch resistant, because there are 12 furnished layers, and one layer contains sapphire powder. If ordinary wooden flooring have scratch durability only to 3H, our products can reach until 9H. For wood products, that value is the highest. We have certification for that. Each Ionwood’s layers has E0 Formaldehyde level. This figure is lower than the safety standards for products that meet the health criteria in Europe. Formaldehyde is a major cause of cancer. This product is also resistant to termites, specifically produced by the brilliant formulation discovered by our scientists. A formula that is harmless but highly effective against termites for wood-based products.

Ionwood is the only product emitting negative ions in Indonesia, even in the world. Does this mean you can dominate 100% Indonesian market?

Yes, exactly. Ionwood is a pioneering product, so this is the first and only one product in the world. Our factory is only one, which is in Malaysia. Ionwood is International Trademark brand. So if we search in the internet, we would find only one brand, Ionwood. If you find a name like Supreme Ionwood in the internet, it was just one of the distributor’s name in Singapore, its products remains Ionwood.

What are Ionwood’s types of wood?

Our products are from Island Tropical Woods and the American Woods. Types for Tropical Woods are teak, merbau, royal ksk, and others. While for the American Woods are oak and walnut. All types of woods have different patterns and colors. For American wood, raw materials bought from America. And the system for our wood material is reforestation, so once it harvested, it would be replanted. It’s not that after we cut and then left discharged. So our woods are being certified.

The Indonesian market is very large, how much your company’s ability to handle it?

Because this product is still new, we continue to provide education and promotion to the market. In addition, we also plan to seek distributors. We already have one distributor in Medan. Currently, we are looking for distributors in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali and all over Indonesia. Target for numbers of our distributors this year is 10, maximum 20, and I think the number is enough.

What are the requirements to become your distributor in Indonesia?

We always think our distributors are our partners. We give them the opportunity to become the sole distributor in the city, of course with certain conditions, such as capable to fulfill our sales targets. For example in Medan, we think one distributor is enough. But especially for Jakarta, I think it may not be enough to have just one distributor.

The term I use is our distributors are also our show rooms. Someone has asked to me why we created a show room for this product? Since creating a show room means we need special budget, such as for the interior design and others. For me, it is very necessary, because we not only sell the woods; the product.

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